Winter Fashion in Bangladesh

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Winter Fashion is a general illustration. in like manner, dependably stacks of brands and non-brands are planning to dispatch their new things. the two courses might be in their physical stores or their online store on the off chance that they have. besides, now online shops are making very much requested so they also set up their new storing up. as an observer of winter it basically whispering in the ears like underneath:

you know winter is beating on the gateway when you wander into the cool blue air and experience the warm welcoming sun on your skin and feel a kind of delight encounter your spine. the open to grabbing sitting all wrapped in your wonderful winter wear with some hot espresso or tea in one hand and your most cherished book in the other is something we, all things considered, consider. we should discover more fair underneath:

The Bitter Truth:

Bangladesh is a developing country. In 1971, it became independent.  A nine-month liberation war tears apart the whole country. From there Bangladesh starts to recover gradually day by day. In 2018, we are now the icon for many poor and underdeveloping country. Though our independence has not crossed 50 years or 100 years yet. But we are now recognized globally as a nation. As we are now connected globally and following the global trends and culture. So, Winter Fashion is one of the global trends now we are following in Bangladesh.

Traditional vs Global:

There is no strong evidence behind the winter fashion and trend in Bangladesh. Actually, we do not have any fashion statement for the winter season. We just pass them how we can anyway.  Most of our people are living in rural areas. So, we wear common outerwear locally. And there is no luxury fashion wear at all. The question arises what they wear then? And the answer is very simple Shawls and common Sweaters for both Men and Women. here is a picture below:

Winter Fashion
Morning Gathering on a Winter Day

But when we are out of Bangladesh then the global winter fashion trend is on. And tons of brands and non-brands are adding new products to their collection. As technology developed, they are now sharing on social media and blogs and forums, fashion news instantly. And globally it becomes viral and also followed by every nation with the twist of their own. In here, we will see a photo of them.

Winter Fashion
Autumn/Winter Collection for Men

This photo describes western fashion and trend in Autumn/Winter properly. In Bangladesh, these are the similar fashion and trend followed by big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong etc.

Winter Fashion
Winter Collection for Men And Women

But in rural sides in the current time, they are just following both traditional and western. Only the people who are financially stable they are following both and rest are following the rest.

Environment vs. Winter Fashion:

According to the Weather Online, “Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate characterized by wide seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures, and humidity. There are three distinct seasons in Bangladesh: a hot, humid summer from March to June; a cool, rainy monsoon season from June to October; and a cool, dry winter from October to March. In general, maximum summer temperatures range between 30°C and 40°C. April is the warmest month in most parts of the country. January is the coldest month when the average temperature for most of the country is about 10°C.”

This is the environment of Bangladesh. It is a high humidity country. So,  in winter, sometimes it cold and sometimes it is not cold. It is a very sensitive issue for Bangladesh. And so the winter clothing. In the west, the weather is really opposite than Bangladesh. Cause in the west, they have only three seasons or two seasons.  And winter is one of them. As they are setting up fashion trends. So, the main factor is we need customization on our winter clothing. A few brands are working on it and few are not bothered at all.

Current Winter Fashion in Bangladesh:

Most of the people of Bangladesh are learning. A few years back people only know that they need to earn money to remove poverty. And so we focus on every possible way to earn money to feed, to educate to live a healthy life. Now we have money and we are financially stable. And we are learning about the lifestyle, arts, research and so on. As we are now wealthy so we are now concerned how to improve our lifestyle. From here we start our learning more about fashion and trend. We have few Brands who are dedicated following western fashion and trend so as we follow them. And we are now on the grinder. So, our winter fashion is mix fashion of traditional and western fashion. here is the list of clothing available in Bangladesh as a winter fashion for both male and female.

1. Jacket

2. Blazer/Coat

3. Sweater

4. Hoddies

5. Shawl

6. Full-Sleeve Shirts and T-shirt

In Bangladesh, people are learning to improve their lifestyle. People are now starting consideration on fashion and trends. Da Vinci is the winter clothing brand in Bangladesh.  Currently, we are working on Men’s product. Hopefully, we will start our women line as well.

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