Online Jacket Shop and Shopping in Bangladesh

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Online Jacket Shop is now in everywhere on the internet. More or less online shop and shopping trends are now getting more and more popular in Bangladesh. When the internet service is getting better, the internet browsing trend just starts all over in Bangladesh. Young or Adult, Male or Female everyone just goes with the flow internet. Lots of people engaged within a few weeks all over. Mainly the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna etc affects rapidly. Another most viral user experience is using social media like Facebook.  From browsing to shopping it takes a long journey.

Within a few years, online shopping trends introduce. And few people start the online shop and start selling online. At first, it was really challenging to persuade customers online and convert them to buy the product online. But with the flow of time, it just gradually changes everything. Now we are experiencing fast internet facility with more assurance of brand or non-brand existence. Let’s out more about online jacket shop and shopping below:

Online Jacket Shop and Shopping:

For example,  if you are looking Online jacket shop then you will search it on your browser and you will find a similar result like this photo.

Screenshot of Online Jacket Shop search query

From here you query begin. And you start to find your suitable jacket what you are looking for. But the problems start from here. Cause you can see in your search result there is only one specialized online Jacket shop really. And that is RAVEN. Other than there are few e-commerce sites are available who are not the specialized at all. Cause they are working with a wide range of products. So, it is really hard for them to focus on only one product. And it is a highly seasonal product. But in 2018 you do not need to worry at all. DA Vinci a winter clothing brand is introduced to solve this problem. We are the second specialized online jacket shop in Bangladesh. Currently, we are working on Men’s Faux Leather or Artificial Leather or Fake Leather jacket.  And we are also interested in exploring winter clothes for women as well. So, feel free to see our new collection in winter.

Reviews and Customer service:

If you haven’t heard, it is the trend of customer service running all over the internet. In Here, the customer does not have to be right but the customer is the king. They are the decider of every strategy we made to decide them.     From the business perspective, it is really challenging. Cause customers do not see the employees they are speaking to online. So, digital customer service has many challenges too.  Because the tone is sometimes not conveyed through computers, emails, and faxes to customers.  

However, customer service is getting more and more important than ever. Because of few variants like the internet, word of mouth marketing, social media connections, and online customer reviews. In recent time, customers are much more likely to share the experiences they have with companies or brands. They also share them with their friends via their social networks. And their social networks allow them to easily and quickly tell many people, so that puts more pressure on companies to deliver an excellent customer service. In addition, potential customers believe online reviews from people they do or do not know; therefore, impressing your customers and getting them to share their positive experiences should be your goal with each and every customer.

In Bangladesh, online business is a growing tree. But reviews and customer services are the trump card here. Those who are good at it they making money and brand awareness both. And those are not they just disappear within few shots.

 Becoming A Happy or A Sad Customer:

When you find the right jacket from the online jacket shop or other e-commerce sites and you are about to buy one. Then you also see the reviews as well with the customer service of that online jacket shop or other e-commerce sites. If you are convinced with overall service then you are buying the jacket online. And you find it exactly how you see it online when you were ordering the jacket. And you feel happiness from your heart and you become a happy customer.

But sometimes you find product perfectly but you find the service is very poor. Like you order the product and it confirms it but it delays with the delivery time. Or sometimes you find a great service but the product is not exactly same as you see online when you were ordering. And this moment you become a sad customer. Moreover, few frauds are also in this business now they are doing this types of cheating and they suffer their customers. So, before you buy anything online please check properly then you order them. And also see their return policy and terms & conditions as well. By doing this you can escape from online frauds. And your online shopping experience will great than ever.  Take care. Be safe on the internet.


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