Bomber Jacket in Bangladesh

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The bomber jacket is a global trend fashion trend worldwide. And Bangladesh is one of them who adopt this fashion trend. Currently, more people are looking for this jacket online. Originally  American cockpit pilots wear The famous Bomber jacket in the First World War. And later style icons such as Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, and Tom Cruise have been worn as a style staple since the mid-20th century.

Although the bomber jacket was evolving over the years by many fashion designer. But the jacket’s core characteristics have remained untouched. its functionality, style, and design. However, the trend of this jacket spread all over the world. No matter what the ages young or old everyone like wears them. And this aspiration leads to its utmost popularity to any men or women.  In here, we’ve put together a little guide that can help you to understand how to wear or style your jacket this winter season. And the little tips that you can take to stand out from the rest.

What to Consider Before Buying a Bomber Jacket:

  1. Fitting of the Jacket: Most genuine concern for anyone is about the jacket fitting. For an example, we want the fit of the jacket should be similar to that of a tailored blazer of my wardrobe. And snug on the shoulders and slim through the sleeves and body. However, we need to be careful not to go too tight as you’re going to want to be able to layer clothes underneath.
  2. The fabric of the Jacket: The second most important thing is the fabric of the jacket. Generally, we see materials such as leather, wool, and fleece made jackets are more suitable for the winter season. But suede, nylon, and polyester are more suitable whatever the weather condition is. So, if you are looking for a bomber in Bangladesh then you might consider weather wise fabric for your suitable one.
  3. Fastening of the Jacket: Almost every bomber feature a zip fastening style recently. Some may feature snap button instead of zip fastening style. But both of them are different and look awesome. So, it’s really up to you how you want to style yourself in this winter.
  4. Colour of the Jacket: Monochrome or neutral colors provide the best look for the Bomber. But other color combinations are beautiful as well.  Like green, blue, tan or even printed, you have the freedom to choose one of them. Colors are just to match you and your personality. So, any solid color or printed one you can pick and change your look with it.

How To Clean A Bomber Jacket

It is useful to know how to properly care for your bomber as it is something that can be worn over and over again. And lasts no matter what season. To get the best out of your jacket, follow these simple rules for maintenance:

  • Leather & Suede Jacket –  One of the most general queries is how to clean Leather and Suede Jacket properly. Many popular ways out there but the most popular one is using a damp cloth with a mild soap solution.  Very politely wipe over your jacket before rinsing. And The to dry, pat with a towel and leave to continue air drying. After that use it again.
  • Wool  Jacket–  This type of jacket is mostly clean by traditional ways we used to clean it. Like we do hand washed in cool water with mild detergent.  We politely scrub the wool by our hand and rinse under clean water before wringing and hanging out to dry. And then we reuse it again.
  • Nylon Jacket –  Among other synthetic materials available in the market, they’re the easiest one to clean. Mostly, if we do a cold wash with a mild detergent this will do the trick. After washing on a delicate cycle, we can hang our jacket up to air dry. After drying the jacket we can use it again.
  • Waxed Denim Jacket – Sponge-wipe in cold water and gently remove any stains with a soft bristled brush. To dry, leave out on a hanger.
  • Silk Jacket – Hand wash is the best way to clean your silk jacket in cold water with mild detergent. Lightly agitate the jacket for a few minutes then rinse well. Then pat dry with a towel and leave to continue air drying. There is another way that you may be able to clean your silk jacket in the washing machine if the care label advises it.

Needless to say that a men’s bomber jacket is a totally versatile piece of outerwear. With all the different fabrics and colors at your disposal, you’ll be able to create endless outfit combinations. Whether you’re dressing for a casual or formal occasion, you can always count on a solid bomber jacket. So there you have it – proof that a bomber style jacket truly is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. Regardless of the season, style or what your preferred fabric is, anyone can wear the bomber to suit them. The key is in the layering. And remember, if in doubt, keep it neutral and you’re unlikely to go wrong.

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