Winter Dress in Bangladesh: Price and Collection

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Winter Dress in Bangladesh is a common concern on the internet now. It is a query for Men, Women, and children. Every one of them is looking for the perfect winter dress for them. However, parents and adults take the charge to find a suitable winter dress for them. There is a wide range of winter dress collection in Bangladesh. Though we have a high humidity climate in Bangladesh lots of brands and non-brands are bringing the variety of winter dress here. Let’s find out the Winter Dress in Bangladesh below.

1. Jacket:

Jackets are one of the coolest lines up for any winter wear collection. They look great when anyone wears them. It changes the look of any men or women or children within a second. It also believes that jacket is the ultimate outerwear for Men. Though women and children also love them as well. Jackets are made of different materials and they look really awesome. But in the below, we will discuss mainly three popular types of jackets as Winter Dress in Bangladesh.

##Leather Jacket:

Leather Jackets are so unique and cool. And they come in an extensive variety of styles and outlines. Men Jackets are known as short outerwear. And they cover the body and keeps it warm amid winter time. Especially, men’s cow leather jackets, for example, come in such a large number of styles. Such As biker jackets, pilot jackets, oversize calfskin jackets, collarless jackets. And this variety attracts men and women both in Bangladesh. And the price range starts from Tk.8000/-  to Tk.15000/- Here is a photo below

Winter Dress in Bangladesh: Black Leather Jacket

##PU Leather Jacket:

Another popular winter dress in Bangladesh is PU Leather Jacket. This types of leather is a new edition to Bangladeshi fashion industry. And it is welcomed really well in here. Cause men and women both take interest in this types of jacket and buy them as well. One of the main reason to buy this jacket is there is no animal hide smell and it has a wide range of color variety as well. But when it comes to durability then it stays 1 or 2 years without any falling. and after that period over it starts to collapse like cracks all around the jacket. But the price range is very reasonable Tk.2200/- to Tk.6500/-  Here is a photo below:

Winter Dress in Bangladesh: PU Leather Jacket

##Faux leather or Artificial leather or Fake Leather Jacket:

Recently, Faux leather or Artificial leather is getting popularity among young generations of Bangladesh. Cause these jackets are lightweight and comfortable with winter weather in Bangladesh. And another cause is it is really cheap in the price range as well ( Tk.2000/- to Tk.4500/- ). So, students are mainly eager to buy these types of jacket.

Winter Dress in Bangladesh: Faux Leather Jacket


There are two types of Blazer/Coat are available in the market. And they are below.

##Casual Blazer/Coat:

Casual Blazer is more popular among the age range of 18 to 40. These types of people wear them randomly on any occasion. And prefer denim jeans and a loafer to set the combination. And this set up is very popular in Bangladesh. Here is a photo below:

Winter Dress in Bangladesh: Casual Blazer photo

##Formal Balzer/Coat:

Formal Coat or suits are the number one choice for corporate people of Bangladesh in winter. Almost any kind of formal parties or celebration, Formal Coats are the priority dress code for men. And lots of people love to wear them with style and fashion. Here is a photo of formal Blazer

Winter Dress in Bangladesh: Formal Blazer for Men


3. Sweater:

##Full Sleeve Sweater:

One of the most common and traditional winter dress in Bangladesh is Full Sleeve Sweater. Mostly, in rural areas, people are wearing them. So, Men, women, and kids also love wearing them in cold winter. As it is made of wool so it is very comfortable to wear in winter. And it also holds the body temperature inside and doesn’t let it go out in the cold. here is a photo below:

Winter Dress in Bangladesh: Full Sleeve Sweater

##Sleeveless Sweater:

Another popular winterwear is the sleeveless sweater. These are most effective when the weather is not heavily cold all around. So, all types of people love to wear them in the winter season. Moreover,they are most comfortable and easy to carry anywhere with them. And Here is photo below:

4. Hoodie:

##Full Sleeve Hoodie:

Firstly, Full Sleeve Hoodies are most popular winter dress in Bangladesh. Mainly hip hop fashion trend promotes hoodie fashion worldwide. And they are now getting more and more popular around here in Bangladesh. And price range of this is ( Tk.500 to Tk.4500 ) Here is a photo below:

##Half Sleeve Hoodie:

So as full sleeve hoodie, sleeveless hoodies are also in high demand for men and women in here. Basically, they are the really cool sweater to wear in winter. And these are a really great sweater to set combination as well. And the price range of these jackets are Tk.500 to Tk.3000. 

sleeveless hoddie

5. Shawl:

Genuinely, the most popular winter dress in Bangladesh is Shawl. It’s a traditional winter wear in Bengali culture. Mostly women are the main user of this winter wear but men are also wearing them as well. And all ages of people wear them in winter on occasions. Here is a photo below.

Winter Dress in Bangladesh: Bengali Shawl



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